Friday, 29 August 2014

Marvel Kyra Magarpatta in Pune

Imagine a home that does not merely match up to great standards. It rises above. Literally. Presenting Marvel Kyra. A higher order of luxury and exclusivity, at par with the best around the world. A concierge service that gives you a grand welcome as you set foot inside the lobby. State-of-the-art apartments and penthouse with their very own plunge pools and private decks. A clubhouse aborted with an array of amenities. But that's not what leaves Marvel Kyra above the rest. Experience sky boxes on the tenth and fourteenth floors at Marvel Kyra. They combine panoramic views with luxurious amenities. Take in the breathtaking scenery as you pamper your taste buds at the fine-dining restaurant. Host a grand party or unwind with friends over a few drinks at the in-house lounge. Indulge in a massage as you stare at a cloudy sky. Or simply just work up a swat with the latest equipment in the gymnasium. Enter you home at Marvel Kyra. And feel on top of the world, everyday.